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Dear Families,

As the first marking period ends and we look to parent/teacher conferences and report cards, we wanted to make you aware of some changes you will notice on the elementary report card. A committee from both elementary schools met and redesigned this reporting tool to align more closely with the current curriculum that is in place at each grade level. This report card is standards-based, uses a consistent scale for each reporting item and gives more room for teachers to add more comments.

The new scale for measuring student growth is a 1 through 4 scale with each number meaning the following:

1 – the student is making limited or no progress toward the standard,

2 – the student is progressing toward the standard

3 – the student is meeting the standard

4 – the student is exceeding the standard

If the item is left blank it means that the standard has not been evaluated within that marking period. The goal of this scale is to show growth throughout the year.

We have also placed your child’s attendance on the top of the report card. This will have three categories, Excused, Unexcused and absences categorized as Other. Excused Absences are those where we have received an approved excuse for, Unexcused Absences are those where an excuse was not received or was not permissible based on our attendance policy and Other is for those absences classified as vacation, medical, field trip or death in the family. Our goal is to give you a clear picture of your child’s absences. If you have any questions about attendance please call your child’s school office.

Finally, you may notice on the report card that the English Language Arts standards are not very descriptive. We have posted informational sheets by grade level below to provide further information about each of these standards, if you are interested. There is also a short informational video to assist you in getting better acquainted with our new report card. We encourage each of you to take a few moments to review these things before your parent/teacher conference. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child’s teacher or principal.


Report Card Informational Video

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