Huntingdon Area School District


Federal Programs Coordinator:  Gregory Shingle 

Federal Programs Administrative Assistant:  Joyce Cook

Title I 

Title I Is a federally funded program that was created by federal law to broaden and strengthen educational programs for educationally disadvantaged children.  Federal funds are distributed to each state according to a formula, which is determined through need. The Pennsylvania Department of education distributes these funds, administers the programs and evaluates the school districts to ensure federal and state guidelines are being met.  The Huntingdon area school district, in compliance with federal regulations, has implemented a school-wide Title I reading program for learners experiencing difficulties in that area.  The Title I program is not a substitute for reading in the regular classroom but is offered as a supplement to regular classroom instructions.  Title I is a key element of our Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI) model. 
The Title I programs are comprised of three important participants:  the learners, the teacher and the parents. Learners are selected for Reading Specialist support on the basis of the following criteria: teacher recommendation, assessment scores and Parent request.  Huntingdon Area School District Reading Specialist services are offered for learners in grades K-5.  Assessments are administered to learners in September, January and May to determine eligibility and monitor progress.  An annual performance report is completed each year and shared with parents regarding the progress of our Title I program.  Specific data on each building’s Title I annual progress is on file and available for parental review.  A Home School Compact and Title I parent Involvement Policy have been developed by our Parent Advisory Committee and are sent home with all Title I learners in September.  A learner progress report is also sent home with each learners receiving Reading Specialist Support in September, January and June.  When a child has been identified for the Title I Program, a letter is sent to the parents informing them that their child is eligible for Title I services.  A Parent Compact, identifying parent and teacher responsibilities in the Title I partnership, is present to every parent for review. 
Parents are encouraged to learn about the Title I programs.  Workshops are offered to support their child’s learning at home.  Parents, working in cooperation with Title I teachers, Provide a valuable role model for their child.  Title I teachers schedule parent conferences in accordance with federal guidelines.  They are available for conferences at anytime during the school year as well as the conference days scheduled by the school district.  Written progress reports are sent home twice during the school year.  All elementary schools Have “at-home” reading incentive programs to promote home reading and book discussions.   Questions about Title I services can be directed to Federal Program Coordinator, Gregory Shingle at 814-627-1100 Ext 5204.