Huntingdon Area School District

The Huntingdon Area School District serves students in rural central Pennsylvania.  We are one of four school districts in Huntingdon County.  The students are provided education in either Southside Elementary (PK-5) or Standing Stone Elementary (K-5) buildings, Huntingdon Area Middle School (6-8) or Huntingdon Area High School (9-12).    The district also operates an online learning school, Bearcat Institute of Learning (BILD) for students in grades K-12. Students can choose this non-traditional option as full time online students or with hybrid schedules.  The district employs two elementary and four secondary teachers solely for this programming.  The program offers a great option for families interested in online or blending learning options.  

Students interested in vocational education opportunities are able to attend the Huntingdon County Career and Technology Center in grades 9-12.  

The district believes in a multi-tiered system of support for students.  Which means we use data to determine student needs and work to meet all students needs for academics, behavior and social and emotional learning.  Appropriate interventions and support are provided as needed.  The student services department also provides special education  services, gifted education opportunities, English language learner services, support for homelessness, and school psychologist services.  

A wide variety of extracurricular activities and interscholastic sports are offered to students.  The musical department is known for it’s excellent performances in the Herbert S. Williams Performing Arts Center.  The art department connects artists to real world applications and to the community.