Huntingdon Area School District

This message applies to Standing Stone families, but we wanted all of our families to be aware that we are experiencing a power outage at Standing Stone Elementary School.  At this time, we cannot confirm what time power will be restored.   Our plan is to relocate the 3rd and 5th graders to the HS for lunch and use of the auditorium for the remainder of the day.  They will not be intermingled with any HS learners.  Grades K-2 will be relocated to the Middle School for lunch and classroom accessibility.  All grades, k-5 will return to Standing Stone at 3:00 for routine parent pick up and regular dismissal procedures.  If any parent would prefer to pick up their child, please do so no earlier than 11:30 am and prior to 2:30 pm at either the HS for grades 3 & 5 or MS, grades K-2.  Note, 4th grade is on a field trip and thus they are not impacted.  Elementary staff will be at both the HS and MS site to help with dismissal prior to 2:30.  Standing Stone parents that plan to pick up their child between 11:30 and 2:30, we recommend you to bring photo ID with you in the event we have multiple parents arriving at the same time. If we need to set up multiple lines for sign out procedures, your ID will assist our staff to ensure all children are returning home with proper parents/guardians. Please note, buses arrive at the MS for dismissal by 2:30 after 2:30, you will not have easy access to the MS.  The phones are not working at Standing Stone Elementary, so if a parent tries to pick up after 2:30 and the parent is not routine pick up, most likely your child will be placed on the bus for normal dismissal procedures.  We appreciate you cooperation and understanding at this time.  Thank you.