Huntingdon Area School District

Role Description of Counselors


The school counselor’s role is to encourage personal responsibility in students as they work toward becoming successful citizens in an ever changing global society.



  • The School Counselors will work as leaders for students to develop and implement a data driven and comprehensive school counseling program.
  • School Counselors will serve as leaders within the school buildings and community to promote student success and collaborate with community partners.
  • The School Counselors will utilize Career Cruising, as a career program to build online career portfolios and the PHEAA website


  • The School Counselors will advocate for student equality and access to academic, social/emotional, and career development and success.
  • We advocate for students through the Student Assistance Program, School-Wide Positive Behavior



  • The School Counselors will work as a team in building collaborative relationships with community, parents, school, and postsecondary partnerships.
  • All School Counselors will collaborate as a team in analyzing and developing district wide curriculum and programs.
  • School Counselors collaborate within their school buildings with administration and staff to address student need.


Agent of Systemic Change

  • The School Counselors will strive to collect and evaluate data to identify academic, social/emotional, and career readiness barriers  which hinder students achievement. Develop interventions to eliminate those barriers.