Huntingdon Area School District

Welcome to Huntingdon Area Middle School. I am excited to work with our outstanding students and excellent staff to build upon past successes. The goal of HAMS is to provide a program of academic excellence for our students. They are at the heart of every decision, every program, every day.

Our educational philosophy translates into a quality middle level educational program that is designed to inspire students with an enthusiasm for learning through a partnership with the school, parents, and community. This enthusiasm is achieved by providing a dynamic educational program that maintains high expectations with a focus on personal growth and responsible citizenship.

We seek to identify and address the unique talents, learning styles, and needs of each student through authentic assessments and a quality instructional program. Educational opportunities and experiences, which challenge and empower students, are made available to all. While delivering the curricula, connections are made to previously learned material, and bridges are created for real-life applications.

Middle level students are developing adolescents, and activities are planned which are developmentally appropriate. At all times, individuals are treated with dignity and respect.

Organizing, delivering, and assessing such a program is a challenge. Through teamwork, communication, and diligence, our faculty believes this vision can evolve and be implemented. Our goal in striving to accomplish this is for students to value their experience, commit to their learning, enhance their environment, and grow as individuals.

To our students:

Throughout your time at Huntingdon Area Middle School, knowing and understanding what is expected of you to achieve educational success is important. Your handbook provides you with information on curriculum, activities, and the policies and procedures of our school. The information included should help you understand what is expected to achieve academic success.