Huntingdon Area School District

If your child:

  • has special Dietary needs due to food allergies or a disabling condition(s).
  • plans on participating in the school lunch program, and
  • requires dietary substitutions,

there are USDA regulations for making food substitutions in the school meals program which require a physician’s specific diet prescription and signature.

When a child has a serious disability (such as food allergies which may result in anaphylaxis), a signed Medical Statement fro a physician is needed for disabling conditions.  The required form is available through Your School Nurse.  Your physician is required to answer a series of questions in order for meal substitutions, milk substitutions, changes to be honored by the school during the school year.  

MEDICAL PLAN OF CARE FOR SCHOOL FOOD SERVICES form must be completed and signed by a physician, if your child has a disability which requires special dietary accommodations or substitutions.  We cannot accept a physician’s prescription slip in lieu of this form.  The required form is available through your school nurse.

If you have questions or need any further explanations regarding the new regulations, please contact Huntingdon Area School District’s Director of Food Service Karlee VanBuskirk at 814-641-2192 or by email at