Huntingdon Area School District

Every three years, Pennsylvania school districts are required to submit a Future Ready Comprehensive Plan to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.  The plan includes district goals and action items, with sections for new teacher induction, professional development and gifted education.

HASD will be required to submit our plan by March 29 to the Department of Education for review.  Prior to the submission, it is required that the plan be available for stakeholders to review.  Please use the required component links below to view:

HASD Comprehensive Plan 2024-2027

thumbnail of Comprehensive Plan 2024-2027

Induction Plan (Chapter 49) 2024-2027

thumbnail of Induction Plan (Chapter 49) _ 2024 – 2027

HASD Gifted Education Plan Assurances (Chapter 16) 2024-2027

thumbnail of HASD Gifted Education Plan Assurances (Chapter 16) _ 2024 – 2027




Professional Development Plan (Act 48) 2024-2027

thumbnail of Professional Development Plan (Act 48)_2024-2027