Huntingdon Area School District

This is a follow-up message from last evening’s indication that we have a member of our school community test positive for Covid-19.  To clarify, we have one (1) member test positive that works in the High School.

We contacted the Department of Health 1and completed our contact tracing.  We will be notifying members individually for those we have identified as a close contact.  For clarification, the definition of a close contact based on proximity is anyone who was within six feet of the positive person for 15 minutes or more.  Anyone who is determined to be a close contact must quarantine from 14 days from the last exposure.

All schools were cleaned, sanitized and disinfected.  Based on the contact tracing and notified members in quarantine, we will resume 100% in person learning tomorrow, Tuesday October 13, 2020.    Please see our Website for additional information.

We thank all members, whether it is a staff employee or child for their upfront communication.  Communication and the continual support of washing your hands, wearing a face covering and social distancing have minimized the impact of this event.

As a reminder, if you are a school employee or have a child who is being tested for Covid 19, please notify your school principal and or nurse and stay home while you await your results.  Thank you again for your cooperation during this time.