Huntingdon Area School District


The Curriculum and Instruction depart for the Huntingdon Area School District oversees 

Curriculum and Instruction Mission Statement

The Curriculum and Instruction department at the Huntingdon Area School District is committed to supporting the district’s mission through a systematic approach. We aim to promote a nurturing environment by using data to make instructional decisions and to provide tiered supports. Our focus is on offering timely and valuable professional learning opportunities to enhance both individual and collective capacities for ongoing improvement. Additionally, we prioritize student growth and achievement in academics, social skills, and emotional well-being by carefully selecting programs and curricula. We also strive to establish collaborative partnerships to expand career preparation initiatives.

Director of Curriculum and Instruction:
Mr. Travis R. Lee C:\Users\tlee\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.MSO\100571C6.tmp

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Phone: (814)641-2012

Fax: (814)643-6244

District Cell: (814)644-5934