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Wellness Policy


Did you know that children who are active and eat right are more likely to do better in school, feel good about themselves and live longer?  It’s true.

We are working to create a healthier environment for our students.  The Huntingdon Area School District Wellness Policy Team encourages you to support our school wellness policy implementation.  We are considering a variety of ways to offer healthy food choices throughout our school – in the school meal programs, vending machines, classroom celebrations and school-sponsored events.  We are also supporting nutrition education and physical activity.  As these changes are introduced, we will keep you informed.

Our team meets periodically and we welcome anyone with an interest in student health to attend.  Please contact Peg McNitt, Food Service Director at 814-641-2190 / mmcnitt@huntsd.org           or Faith Swanson, Business Administrator at 641-2120 /fswanson@huntsd.org  to learn more.

In the meantime, you can help your children lead the healthiest lives possible by reinforcing healthy habits at home.  Please check out these links for parents, teachers, and children.

  • superkidsnutrition.com
  • https://www.choosemyplate.gov/kids/Games.html
  • http://nrgbalance.org
  • http://www.dole.com

The Huntingdon Area School District  Wellness Policy can be viewed here Policy 246 – Wellness Policy.