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2017-2018 School Year Counseling Events and News

October: October was Bully Prevention Month. During this month I did bullying awareness lessons in all classrooms across the grade levels. 5th grade was able to make some posters to bring awareness to this issue and how to prevent it. Here are some of those posters.

Stop Bullying PosterStop Bullying Poster twoStop Bullying poster threeStop Bullying poster four


The Great Kindness ChallengeSouthside Elementary participated in The Great Kindness Challenge” during the week of January 22nd-26th.Learners worked together as a class to check off as many acts of kindness as they could throughout the week. Learners were also able to “create a kind world” through writing kind acts on paper hands, and had the opportunity to write “Thank You” notes to their teachers. Here are some pictures of what the learners were able to do.

Posters exhibiting kindness - created by studentsStudent papers about kindness
 Upcoming Events:

Career Field Trips: As a result of a grant that was receive for this year, each grade level will be taking a career based field trip that is designed to expose all learners to different career options focusing on the career clusters. Each grade level will be taking these trips at different times throughout the year. More information will be sent home as your learner’s trip approaches. Please be looking out for these to come home throughout the year.

So far this year we have had the opportunity to send our 5th grade learners to Garvey Manor and the Altoona Curve; 4th grade to Juniata College; and 2nd Grade to PennDOT. The learners have really seemed to enjoy these trips and have done an incredible job identifying some career choices at each of these locations. We really want the learners to understand that going to a college or university are not their only options and that their futures are open to a multitude of different possibilities.