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Career Development

Career Awareness and Exploration are key parts of our elementary career development! The students are Southside Elementary have been taking steps to identify their own Carer Sparks by investigating their interests and abilities.

Kindergarten: The focus is on introducing jobs and careers and having the students identify something they might want to do when older.

1st Grade:  In first grade we talk more about how interests play a role in helping us decide what we might want to do when we get older.

2nd Grade: In second, we not only talk about interests, but also start introducing abilities and how they help determine a future job we want want to do.

3rd Grade: The concept of “entrepreneur” is introduced, as well as understanding learning styles and how they may impact a job or career.

4th Grade: in fourth grade we also focus on personality type and how certain personalities might be more inclined to enjoy certain job clusters.

5th Grade: Fifth grade is primarily focused on careers. We take interests inventories, introduce college and career vocabulary, review how interests and abilities impact career choice, talk about lifelong learning, explore budgeting through a fun activity, and practice interviewing skills. The year ends with a final career project on a job or career of their choice,