Huntingdon Area School District

We feel that our students need support and connection to our school community. The Bearcat Institute of Learning and Development provides your student with all the benefits and opportunities of being a member of the Huntingdon Area School District and the flexibility to create a learning schedule that meets their needs.

Our high school students will primarily use Canvas as a learning management platform where they can access their content and tasks for each of their classes. Each course will be taught by a highly qualified teacher that will offer whole group direct instruction in Zoom, office hours weekly, and weekly communication to share progress and build relationships. Our full time BILD teachers will be available to answer questions and progress monitor students as a role of “Learning Coach” as well.

Additionally, we understand that some families are concerned with feeling like they “are on their own” in an online environment, however, our full time BILD staff will be located in a classroom at the Huntingdon Area High School that will offer several times and opportunities for students to come in to work with their teachers and peers, if needed. This physical space will allow families, in cooperation with the HASD, to create hybrid schedules that give learners flexibility in their weekly schedule, but also offer additional supports if they are needed. The Online Learning Director will also plan various activities throughout the year both in person and virtually to bring students together and to get them access to other services they may need in the district.

The staff and administration of the BILD program are dedicated to working closely with parents to provide the best online learning experience possible for our students


Get Involved

  • BILD students are Huntingdon Bearcats and are eligible to participate in anything that an in-person student has access to.

      • Clubs

      • Athletics

      • School Dances

      • Music Ensembles

      • Huntingdon County CTC Classes

      • Huntingdon High School Graduation and Diploma

      • School Assemblies

      • Theater Productions

      • Tutoring Programs

We highly encourage parents/guardians to be active in supporting their student’s learning.

  • Help them set up and follow a schedule for each day of the week (Zoom sessions, time to work in Canvas, etc.).

  • Bring them in to the building to participate in extra curricular activities and In Person BILD Events

  • Attend school offered events in regards to post graduation preparation, college planning, etc.

  • Maintain active and open communication with the BILD Teacher and Online Learning Director. Review their weekly communication, emails, and other newsletters.

  • Review the BILD Handbook to be aware of expectations throughout the year. (Handbook can be accessed here)


Students in grades 7-12 will access their online courses and lessons via Canvas. Canvas can be accessed from Clever for ease of navigation to one place. While in Clever students can also quickly access other applications to support their learning such as quick access to Google applications. Full time BILD teachers will be the instructors of core content courses and other HASD teachers in the areas of electives will also be offering courses online.


All BILD students will be provided opportunities for live sessions in Zoom. Live Sessions are hosted by BILD teachers to provide direct instruction of content and to offer engaging, hands-on activities in the virtual environment that lead to mastery of the content assigned in the course weekly. This is a great opportunity for students to ask questions and interact with their teacher and peers.

Student Readiness

Students choosing to participate in online courses should first examine their personal skills and aptitudes for taking classes online. The following attributes will greatly contribute to a student’s success:

  1. Self-Motivation – Students who can direct their own learning environment, fulfill course requirements, and achieve individual academic success.
  2. Independent Learner – The online environment enables students to learn at their own pace — traditional, extended, or accelerated — relieving the stress of feeling rushed or pressured and providing enjoyment in the learning process.
  3. Tech Savvy – Although it is not necessary to have advanced computer skills, students should possess a working knowledge of email, the Internet, and basic keyboarding skills, and Microsoft Office suite.
  4. Time Management – Students must be able to organize and plan their own best “time to learn.” There is no one best time for everyone, but the key to learning is to commit the time to learn.
  5. Effective Written Communication Skills – Students must use electronic email to communicate with their peers as well as the instructors, learning coach, and the Online Learning Director. The ability to write clearly in order to communicate ideas and assignments is very important to student success as well as a means to inform instructors of any concerns or problems.
  6. Personal Commitment – Since there are no bells that begin and end classes, students must have a strong desire to learn and achieve knowledge and skills via online courses. Making a commitment to learn in this manner is a very personal decision and requires a strong commitment to participate in order to achieve academic success.

Student Hours

What are student hours? These are various opportunities throughout the week in which the BILD teachers can offer academic support to students who are struggling the content, submitting assignments, etc. Student hours are offered virtually in BILD teachers’ Zoom rooms or students can come in person to meet with them too! Student hours for secondary students (grades 7-12) are in the BILD classroom, beside the library at the High School. Stop in any time, we are here to help!

Reminders when attending student hours:

  • Check the schedule! You can access the BILD Student Hours by clicking on this link here.

  • Have your chromebook or ipad available & prepare any questions in advance, if possible.

  • If you are coming into the HS building, please sign in using the keypad outside of the main office and sign out when you leave.