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We feel that our youngest students need support and connection to our school community. The Bearcat Institute of Learning and Development provides your student with all the benefits and opportunities of being a member of the Huntingdon Area School District and the flexibility to create a learning schedule that meets their needs.

The BILD teacher will assign weekly lessons in each content area (ELA, Math, etc.) in Canvas that consist of lesson content and tasks. The BILD teacher will offer whole group sessions to students so they can receive direct instruction on the week’s lessons as well as opportunities to meet one on one to meet the individual needs of students. The teacher will also be available throughout the week to answer questions, help with concepts that are more difficult to grasp, and add supplementary materials through our SeeSaw app.

Additionally, we understand that some families are concerned with feeling like they “are on their own” in an online environment, so all BILD elementary teachers will be located in a classroom at Southside Elementary School to provide in-person support to learners when necessary. This will allow families, in cooperation with the HASD, to create hybrid schedules that give learners flexibility in their weekly schedule, but also offer additional supports if they are needed. The BILD program will also offer various material pick ups throughout the year so students have access to manipulatives and hands-on resources to support their learning. The Online Learning Director will also plan several activities throughout the year to bring students together.

The staff and administration of the BILD program are dedicated to working closely with parents to provide the best online learning experience for our students.

Our Offerings

Accelerate Education provides online education courses for Kindergarten through 12th grade to meet the needs of all students, from at-risk students who had trouble succeeding in the traditional classroom to high achieving students seeking classes their schools cannot provide for them.

The Accelerate Education curriculum offers rich and engaging content that has been carefully designed to meet the standards required by states. Students are engaged in a variety of activities and assessments appropriate to the courses being studied, including labs, journals, written assignments, discussions, group and individual projects, formative assessments, objective tests, and written exams.


Students will have access to their Accelerate Education courses through Canvas, our new Learning Management System. Students will access Canvas through Clever for easy navigation. Each student will be enrolled in an orientation course in Canvas to learn about the platform and how to complete tasks. When they complete the orientation course, they will then have access to their classes to begin assigned lessons by their teacher.


BILD teachers will provide various whole group live sessions weekly in Zoom. Students are encouraged to attend these live; however, recordings will also be offered if students cannot attend live. In addition to the whole group sessions, BILD teachers will work with families to offer one on one Zoom sessions to personalize the needs of each student and support them in their learning.RICH


Other Learning Resources

Family Engagement

Rocket Math

  • Online math fluency practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Kindergarten learners will start rocket math after the teacher has seen proper formation of number writing to 20.


  • Students will have access to online content in Canvas to support learning in specialty areas such as physical education, health, art, and music.

Grade Level Apps

  • Logins will be shared with you for apps like Reading Eggs and Epic. These are programs that are used in the classroom and already on your child’s iPad. Feel free to take advantage of these programs, but they will only be optional and not required.

Other Materials

  • Families will be invited to material pick-ups so students can have paper workbooks to support online instruction as well as other materials such as magazines, notebooks, counters, or other materials for learning

We highly encourage parents/guardians to be active in supporting their student’s learning.

  • Help them set up and follow a schedule for each day of the week (Zoom sessions, time to work in Canvas, etc.).

  • Bring them in to the building to participate in school wide celebrations or assemblies.

  • Attend after-school activities sponsored by the district or PTG

  • Bring your child in to school to participate in specials such as Music, Band, Art, or Gym

  • Maintain active and open communication with the BILD Teacher and Online Learning Director. Review their weekly communication, emails, and other newsletters.

  • Review the BILD Handbook to be aware of expectations throughout the year. (Handbook can be accessed here)

Opportunities for Socialization With Peers

  • BILD teachers host weekly read alouds, game days, and show and tells in Zooms with larger groups of students to encourage interaction, communication, and relationship building among peers through a virtual setting.

  • Themed In Person Events are hosted monthly at Southside Elementary for BILD Students in grades K-6 to do fun, hands-on, academic activities that engage students to work collaboratively and make memories with peers.

  • BILD Families can also request hybrid schedules that include attending Southside Elementary in person a few times a week to attend specials, lunch, and/or recess which offer opportunities for socialization with other peers as well.