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Great Job Bearcat Singers!!!

Results from the PMEA Region III Chorus Festival:

Six of our Bearcat singers are presently attending the 2019 PMEA Region III Chorus Festival at Glendale HS. All six of them placed within the top 10 places of their respective vocal sections.

Caroliine Sliver = 7th (Sop 1)
Zane Kazmarski = 7th (Sop 2)
Barend Werner = 6th (Ten 2)
Tommy Reihart = 10th (Ten 2)

Both of our Bass 2 representatives, Patrick Sweet (2nd) and Adam Campbell (4th), have qualified for the PMEA All State Festival in April.

A side note: Patrick is now the 2nd musician from HAHS to have qualified for 3 of the All State Ensembles, all in the same year! (Orchestra, Band and Choir).

September 30, 2022
October 4, 2022
October 6, 2022