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Counseling Services

School Counseling Services

 Classroom Counseling
Throughout the year I am able to come into classrooms for counseling lessons.  Our counseling lessons cover  academic, career, and social/emotional areas.
Below are some of the topics covered. 
*Goal Setting
*Tattling vs. Telling
*Problem Solving 
*Conflict Resolution
*Handling Anger
*Study Skills and Test Taking Skills
* Friendship
*Being a good student
*Career Education 
Small Groups   
Small group counseling provides students with a relaxed setting to be with other students to participate in
 discussions and activities on a variety of issues. Below is a sampling of small groups that may be offered.
*Ladies that Lunch (Girls Group)
*Positive School Wide Behavior
*Social Skills Group
* Feel, Share, Heal (Grief and Loss)
*Stress Less
*Buddy Group
Banana Split
*STOP! Think then choose (Making good choices)
 *Additional groups can be formed as needed
 Students can always come to see the counselor individually!

* If I am going to see students on a regular basis I will seek parent permission.  

To see the School Counselor, students can: 

* Tell their teacher or parent. 

*Come to my office

*Drop a note in my box outside the counseling office