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School Counseling Announcements

VIDEO:     Success in the New Economy

Drayer Physical Therapy Institute

On May 11th, students can learn more about the exciting world of physical therapy by visiting Drayer.  Students can obtain permission slips in the school counseling office.

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Faithful Friends Veterinary Care

Students who are interested in becoming a veterinarian or a veterinarian technician should sign up to attend a career visit at Faithful Friends Veterinary Care on May 9, 2017.  Permission slips are in the school counseling office.

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Huntingdon County Court House

On May 4th, students are invited to participate in a career visit at the Huntingdon County Court House.  Participants will observe individuals representing an array of professions involving law. Judge Zanic will meet with students in his chambers to answer questions. Please stop by the school counseling office for more information.

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Career Visit to Pittsburgh

Students are invited to tour Children's Hospital, Google, or Diamond Kinetic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Friday, May 5th. In the afternoon, participants will tour the Nationality Rooms in the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh.  If the tours go well, we will visit again in the fall and spring of the 2017-2018 academic year.

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The Huntingdon Daily News

If parents/guardians would like to highlight their child's awards or achievements, please contact April Feagley via e-mail:   afeagley@huntingdondailynews.com or phone:  814-643-4047, Ext. 132.


Volunteer Opportunity at JC Blair Memorial Hospital

Any 14-year-old student who aspires to work in the medical world is encouraged to volunteer at JC Blair Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon.  Interested participants can specialize in patient care or clerical responsibilities in a hospital setting.  Applications are located in the main office.

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Interact Club

Students are encouraged to join the Interact Club!  Interested individuals can attend meetings each Wednesday at 7:00pm at the Huntingdon Community Center.