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Physical Education


Nathan Carlson (ncarlson@huntsd.org)

Elaina Hummel (ehummel@huntsd.org)

thumbnail of Health and Physical Education Syllabus

Physical Fitness Testing 

Students will be tested on push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, the shuttle run, and the mile run.  Students will be tested during the fall and the spring.  The objective for this second test is for the students to show growth from their previous scores.

2017 Middle School Archery Champion-  Brady Handy 

2017 Top Archery Shooters (2 per class)

  • James Gutshall
  • Jace Yingling
  • Brycen Sheffield
  • Logan Steward
  • Levi Shope
  • Christopher Moore
  • Joshua Bryson
  • Brady Handy
  • Trevor Lucas
  • Tyler Rourke
  • Madison Peck
  • Eljiah Dunwoody
  • Haley Edmiston
  • Trevor Dickson
  • Luke Brown
  • Jacob Everhart
  • Eric Miley
  • Taran Pelkey
  • Anthony Poorman
  • Morgan McDivitt
  • Devin Grubb
  • Mason Leonard
  • Trenton Cook
  • Issac Norris


Current Unit- Softball

Students may bring in their own personal softball or baseball gloves for this unit.