ELA Class

Welcome to Language Arts with Mrs. Watkins

Phone: 643-2900 Ext:3204

Email: kstreightiff@huntsd.org or kwatkins@huntsd.org

In my classroom:

  • We respect each other
  • We try our best
  • We are a team
  • We learn from mistakes
  • We create
  • We celebrate our success


I am looking forward to a fantastic school year with you!  We will write (a lot), read (a lot), talk (a lot), and collaborate (a lot) during our time together.  As a result, you will leave Huntingdon Area Middle School ready for high school and will hopefully have a deeper appreciation for education.


I want you to feel challenged, learn new concepts, become more self-directed, share your ideas, be part of a community, and have fun when you are in Room 204.


What Do I Need You To Bring To Class?

  • Planner
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Folder
  • Independent Reading Material
  • Homework
  • Textbook if directed


What If I’m Absent?

If you are absent for any reason, it is YOUR responsibility to come to me before school, homeroom, or during Enrichment to see what you missed.  Each Language Arts period is action-packed so we will likely not have time to discuss what you missed then.  Students are 100% responsible for taking ownership and making up work.


What If I Need Help?

One of my main goals is to help prepare you for high school.  One of the most important skills you will need is self-advocacy.  This means being able to seek out what you need.  If you are struggling, PLEASE ASK ME FOR HELP!  You can ask during class, lunch, before/after school, Enrichment, OR you can even write me a note or email me.  I became a teacher to help YOU!  Nothing makes me happier than to see you successful!  

Parents-Please email or call me at any time with questions or concerns, but also, please help me in encouraging your child to develop self-advocacy skills!


What Can I Expect With Grading?

80% of each marking period grade will be made up of test, quizzes, projects, classwork, and any major writing assignments

**Major Writing Assignments will always be worth 100 points


20% of each marking period grade will be made up of a participation grade of 50 points and homework.   

**Each student will start every marking period with 50 participation points in the gradebook.  Each day during that marking period that a student doesn’t come to class prepared or on time or is acting inappropriately or excessively talking, 5 points will be taken from this participation grade.  A student could also lose 5 points from this grade if I do a quick homework check, walking around the room, and the student does not have his/her homework completed.


What About Late Work?

I DO NOT accept late work.  Students will be given very clear due dates, plus several reminders leading up to any huge assignment.  I do not accept homework late.  Either the student has it completed when it is due or he/she does not receive credit for it.


What About Extra Credit?

Don’t Ask!  I do not offer extra credit for any reason!  


What Will I be Doing This Year?

8th Grade:

  1. Creative Writing-Dialogue
  2. TDA-The Fault In Our Stars
  3. Argumentative Writing
  4. Compare/Contrast Writing
  5. Cause/Effect Writing
  6. Poetry
  7. TDA
  8. Research Project-Unsolved Mysteries


7th Grade:

  1. Narrative Writing
  2. Mini Research Project tied into A Christmas Carol
  3. Persuasive Writing-Focus on Full Essay Structure
  4. Freak the Mighty Reading, Paragraph Structure Lessons, and TDA Writing
  5.  Poetry
  6. The Outsiders Reading and TDA Writing

There will also be weekly vocab/spelling units on FULL weeks of school and grammar units periodically throughout the year.