Mr. Uhrich

Name: Mr. Uhrich

What subject do you teach? – 7th and 8th grade Reading

What is your hometown? – born and raised in Palmyra, PA; lived in Philadelphia and Harrisburg; presently live in Huntingdon

Where did you go to college? La Salle University – undergrad  /  Wilson College – teaching certificate


What or who inspired you to be a teacher? Mr. Snyder – my 9th grade English teacher (he took the time to write detailed comments on each paper he graded – he showed how much he cared and made it very personal.  Also, the movie Dangerous Minds

What is your favorite food?  Too hard to pick…This guy LOVES to eat! (pizza, pork BBQ sandwiches, cornbread and ALL SWEETS – especially cinnamon buns, chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and Turkey Hill Double Dunker ice cream)

pizza                                                                                                     dunker

Cinnamon Pastry with Frosty in a Square Beige Dish

What is your favorite movie? RudyHow can’t you get chills all throughout your body when Rudy finally gets his chance? Hard work and determination truly do pay off.



What is your favorite band/musician? Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen


What are your hobbies? Spending time with my wife and 2 sons (Finley and Maddix), watching sports, coaching basketball, reading, traveling    

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What is your favorite quote? “If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain.” – quote from The Fault in Our Stars

What is one interesting fact about you? I had a bone disease in my right foot (osteomyelitis) when I was in 3rd grade and I almost had to have it amputated.

If you had the chance to have dinner with one person, who would it be and why? John Wooden (he embodied what being a great human being and loving father and husband is all about – and he was the best basketball coach of all time – 88 game consecutive winning streak, seven NCAA championships and 10 in a 12 year period – marks that won’t EVER be touched)