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Free & Reduced Price Meals

Free and Reduced Price Meals Information

Families can apply for free or reduced price school meals on line using the Department of Health and Human Services site – COMPASS.   COMPASS allows Pennsylvanian’s to apply for social service programs, such as Food Stamps (FS), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Energy Assistance, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), etc., online.   Families can use COMPASS to apply for free or reduced price school meals only, or they can apply for other services at the same time (FS, TANF, etc.).

If you would like to apply on-line go to:    https://www.compass.state.pa.us

If you apply on-line you do not need a paper application.

If you do not wish to apply on-line, for a paper application, go to:      http://huntsd.org/food-service/free-reduced-lunch/

For a translated paper application, go to:     https://www.fns.usda.gov/school-meals/translated-applications

Eligible children can receive one complete breakfast and one complete lunch per day free of charge or at a reduced rate.  A complete meal includes the entree, the designated number of side dishes, and a milk.  If a student chooses less than the complete meal, s/he is charged the a la carte price for the item(s) selected.  (For example, eligible students who take just a milk will be charged $.50.)

A new application must be completed and approved each school year.  Eligibility from one school year is carried over into the next school year to allow time for families to re-apply.  If a new application has not been received and approved by the cut-off date of October 5, eligibility for the program is forfeited, and parents are responsible for meal charges incurred.                Applications can be submitted at any time during the school year.  Applications can be downloaded or submitted electronically by clicking the links above.  Applications are also available at each  school office or by calling the Food Service Office at 641-2190.

Students approved for free or reduced price meals at another school district are not eligible in our district until an application has been received and approved by HASD.  If a member of your household receives Food Stamps or TANF Cash Assistance, your child is eligible for free meals but an application may still need to be provided to help us to register your child for benefits.  Questions concerning the application approval process should be addressed to Peg McNitt at 641-2190.