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Bridge Builders!

Our seventh and eighth graders are building bridges!! Over the past few weeks, they have learned about the four main types of bridges (beam, arch, truss, and suspension) and the different structural components that allow bridges to hold large amounts of weight, such as anchors, abutments, towers, cables, and hangers. Using this information, they were tasked with the job of designing a bridge that would span an eight inch gap while holding as much weight as possible. To build, students were given a specific set of materials, either spaghetti and glue, toothpicks and glue, popsicle sticks, twine, and glue, or cardstock and tape. Using these specific materials, groups of three to four students worked to design a bridge that would enhance the strengths of their materials while also hiding its weak points. The students are hard at work designing and building their bridges! Updates to come.

Below are pictures of our students working through the initial build phase. This was their first opportunity to work with their materials and develop a structural design for their bridge.



October 10, 2022